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University of florida dating 1977

University of florida dating 1977
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Faculty Honors and Awards History Florida State University, one of the largest and oldest of the 12 universities of florida dating 1977 of higher learning in the State University System of Florida, had its beginning as early as when the Territorial Legislature began to plan a higher education system.

In the Federal Government reserved two townships for the purpose of maintaining institutions of higher education in the territory, and on March 3,the United States Congress, in an act supplemental to the act admitting Florida as a state in the Union, added two more townships.

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These townships were granted to the State for the use of two seminaries of learning, one to be located east and the other west of the Suwannee River. The Legislature of the State of Florida in a Legislative Act of January 24,provided for the university of florida dating 1977 of the two institutions of learning, their first purpose to be "the instruction of persons, both male and female, in the art of teaching all the various branches that pertain to a good common school education; and next to give instruction in the mechanic arts, in husbandry, in agricultural chemistry, in the fundamental laws, and in what regards the rights and duties of citizens.

That effort was not successful, but in the Intendant Mayor of Tallahassee again offered the Institute's land and building to the Legislature. Francis Eppes, who spent his formative years on the estate of his grandfather President Thomas Jefferson at Monticello in Virginia and shared his views of the importance to a democracy of a liberally educated citizenry, was the Mayor of Tallahassee who made the offer.

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This time they chose to accept the offer and designated Tallahassee as the university of florida dating 1977 of one of the state seminaries because of its railway connections, its "salubrious climate," and its "intelligent, refined, and moral community. On February 7,the first meeting of the Board of Education of the State Seminary West of the Suwannee River was held, and the institution began offering postsecondary instruction to male students.

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Francis Eppes served as President of the Seminary's Board of Education for eight years and instilled in the institution the Jeffersonian ideals which characterize it today. The school first became co-educational the following year when it absorbed the Tallahassee Female Academy, begun in as the Misses Bates School.

Thus the West Florida Seminary, founded inbegan operating inonly twelve years after Florida achieved statehood. It was located on the hill where the Westcott Building now stands, which has been the site of an institution of higher education longer than any other site in Florida.

Classes were held at the West Florida Seminary from untilwhen the state legislature changed the name to The Florida Military and Collegiate Institute to reflect the addition of a military section which trained cadets.

During the Civil War, cadets from the school, ranging in age from twelve to eighteen, fought in the Battle of Natural Bridge and helped make Tallahassee the only Confederate capitol east of the Mississippi not captured during the war.

After the end of the war inhowever, Union troops under General McCook descended upon Tallahassee and occupied the city including campus buildingsremaining for more than a month. College Hall, circa Following the war, the institution entered a period of growth and development.

In the first diplomas, Licentiates of Instruction, were awarded, and by the Institute had begun to focus clearly on what we would today call post-secondary education; seven Bachelor of Arts degrees were awarded that year. By the institution had evolved into the first liberal arts college in the state, and in it became Florida State College, a four-year university of florida dating 1977 organized in four departments: Florida State College was empowered to award the degree of Master of Arts, and the first master's degree was offered in That year the student body numbered men and women, and degrees were available in classical, literary and scientific studies.

University of florida dating 1977

In the first university library was begun. The following quote from the Florida State College Catalogue adds an interesting footnote to this period: Owing to lack of means for the support of this more ambitious project, and also owing to the.

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